Vantaa Energy

Vantaa Energy LTD Head Office

The head office of Vantaa Energy, completed in 1972, was facing a significant refurbishment due to the building’s age.  Ailecon was commissioned to assess the building’s redevelopment opportunities as well as to analyse the alternative option for the company to sell the premises and relocate to a new office.   
As a consequence of this analysis, it was decided that the existing building would be partly demolished, partly refurbished and an extension would be built adjacent to it. The redevelopment of the head office also includes workspace transition from separate office rooms to multi-use open office space.

Before the construction work began, the head office was sold to Nordisk Renting Ltd through a sale-and-leaseback transaction. 

Ailecon has been responsible for analysing the different space options for Vantaa Energy taking into account the company’s requirements as well the financial feasibility of the different options. Following the decision to redevelop the existing head office,  Ailecon carried the responsibility for the design management during the schematic design phase.

Furthermore, Ailecon was responsible for analysing the different financing and funding options for the head office and producing the investment calculations. Ailecon managed the head office’s sale-and-leaseback transaction and acted as the commercial advisor to Vantaa Energy throughout the transaction.    

CustomerVantaan Energia Oy
AddressPeltolantie 27, 01301 Vantaa
Floor area5 500 m²
InvestmentEUR 13,5 million
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